Generating Income to the Company 6 de Marzo through the Diversification of Agricultural Production

24 septiembre de 2017

The rural enterprise 6 DE MARZO, located in the Chailguapa, Municipality of El Negrito Yoro, is made up of 31 members. At the beginning our company was dedicated to the cultivation of corn and beans but not with good results so we decided to change the eld, going to banana cultivation since 2010 managing to grow an area of 27 hectares and sell the product to the companies Chiquita Banana, Walmart Mexico and Central America with its main buyer here in Honduras HORTIFRUTI, being this the main customer.

By 2014, our company got benefited from the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) with the Food for Progress Program, implemented by the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) through the project “Increasing Production and Productivity in Banana for the Improvement of Income and Employment Levels “14 hectare of plantain were sown, the remodeling of the packing plant and the acquisition of machinery for the mechanization of the soil.

During 2014 and 2015, the company sold 14,482.69 boxes, 362,067 pounds of banana, obtaining sales revenue of L. 1.4 million, equivalent to US $ 63,352, reaching a profit of L. 846,987.77 equivalent to US $ 38,327. In addition, with the acquisition of the tractor, mechanization services were provided to members and farmers in surrounding areas, reaching a total of 64 hectares of land, which has represented income to the company for L. 276,825.00 equivalent to US $ 12,527 and utilities for L. 200,615 equivalent to US $ 9,078.

With the profits obtained through the SAG-USDA project, the company in 2016 led us to seek new contract farming opportunities to grow yucca for the industry, specifically the INALMA industrial company.

The supply of the cassava crop was successful because we had an initial experience in which we sowed 4.29 hectares of land we obtained 85,000 pounds and income for L. 204,000.00 equivalent to US $ 8,869.56 dollars. All the contributions received have come to change the processes that the company did not have before and now it is easy to pack any type of vegetable or agricultural production without worrying that there may be elements in any type of packaging that limit sales more when we talk about export.

We are currently carrying out a 57.14 hectares yucca planting project, with the technical assistance and market of the INALMA company and the financing of the National Agricultural Development Bank (BANADE- SA) and funds from the company. To date, the company has managed to position itself in the market for the quality of its products, since the company applies processes of good agricultural practices and quality to generate confidence to all its customers

The USDA-SAG project was considered as a leverage of the future investments that our company is heading for today. In a medium term, the company proposes to export directly to Nicaragua and process the rejection giving added value.