Hipolito Raudales Valle, Searching Development

10 noviembre de 2017

The company “Productores Unidos para Crecer”, by Mr. Hipólito Raudales Valle, has been operating since 2004 in El Ocotal Village, in the Central District( Francisco Morazán). At first, the producers of the area had only one source of water, which each producer fed with a hose of one inch. Sometime later, an institution of American origin called the Peace Corps arrived in El Ocotal, and a volunteer from that institution advised them to form a group to try to manage a dam and that was how “Productores Unidos para Crecer” was established. Five years later, the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock(SAG) helped them build another water harvester, providing support and training throughout the whole process until they were able to establish business relationships with supermarket chains such as Walmart and La Colonia.


Supermarket chains, although being one of the channels with the highest volume of purchasing in the commercial sector, do not acquire all the quantity produced by the company. So, the company finds themselves with the challenge of finding another channel to sell their products. It is here that the National Agri-Food Development Program (PRONAGRO), through the Agribusiness Unit, which implements the project “Implementation of Market Management Tools for Agribusiness in Honduras” financed by the USDA, aids the company with the opportunity to participate in Ahorro Feria El Lempirita at the Col. Kennedy of Tegucigalpa.


Thanks to their participation in the fairs organized by the Agribusiness Unit-PRONAGRO, they have been able to obtain more contacts from clients to be able to sell their products. At the same time, they have learned how to deal with them as to how to offer and manage to sell their products. The sales figures have been improving, going from selling only three hundred lempiras (L. 300.00 equivalent to US$ 13) in a weekend to almost fifteen thousand lempiras (L. 15,000.00 equivalent to US$ 652). All this resulting in the company’s growth.