Change of Attitude in Sustainable Managment of our Culture and Housing

22 abril de 2015

My name is Juan Leonicio Garcia, I live in the community of El Terrero, town of Danli, El Paraiso and I am a coffee producer.

In 2013, on a visit to the offices of Los Planes Limitada Mixed Cooperative COMIXPLANL, we were informed that there was going to be  a coffee project, aimed at women, young and small producers, financed by the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) with program resources of Food for Progress of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), so they invited us to partner directly and participate as beneficiary.

Soon we were invited to a meeting of socialization of the project and although at first  I looked in doubt because small farmers, women and rural youth do not have the backing for credit, later we left realizing the thing was serious and we put forward and also motivate other beneficiaries who were with doubts.

During project implementation, I received funding for the cultivation of 0.70 hectare of coffee and it already had 1.4 hectares in production, with an age of 5 years. They also supported us with technical assistance and training provided by the project technicians in the sustainable management of coffee production costs, ordering, cleaning the house and the farm to be certified, but more important is that all my family have parti- cipated and now understand that what we do is for the benefit of ourselves, to avoid contamination.

With the knowledge that we have achieved, we expect better yields at harvest coffee. The marketing of coffee do together with other partners COMIXPLANL, achieving the advantage of selling directly to exporting companies.

The best tool we have achieved is the change in attitude of all members of my family, through the knowledge acquired in the production of coffee.  we understood that all activities to achieve certification of farms, it is not only to try to sell  our coffee better, but also a way to improve the environment in which we live and preventing illness in the family, having opportunities in our village, means we no need to leave our community.