A Quality Coffee

24 abril de 2015

Joaquín Ponce Duarte is a humble, cheerful and hardworking person; is married to Reyna Victoria Salgado 40 years with whom he formed a close knit with  four children and eight grandchildren family; they are all part of what is now COFFEE FACATOP.

For 15 years Joaquin worked as a telegrapher in the Honduran Telecommunications Company -HONDUTEL; then he began to engage in agriculture, because this was the economic activity of the family of his wife; then he decides to start working on a benefit of coffee, this is where he learned how to process, drying, roas- ting and tasting the coffee.

Don "Quincho" as his friends call him jokingly tells that "in the old days it was harder coffee business, as there weren´t so many machines and the process was done manually, pulled the coffee to dry in the courtyards and the coffee was moved into beasts and often do not got the costs; but  they could  earned some money, although sales were little, the money yielded more, because in the old days the money worth more. "

Quality Coffee!
In Café FACATOP eight people are working, all family of Don Joaquin, including his wife, children and grandchildren; from very early hours start to process coffee, each with an assigned activity, with a lot of discipline and  dedication.

Give "A coffee of quality" is what until today has proposed Don Joaquin to do, thanks to all the training he has received from Pymerural Program, technical assistance, coffee roasting equipment, production faci- lities and materials marketing facilitated by the project "Increasing the Productivity and Competitiveness of MSMEs Agroindustrial Processing of Vegetables and Coffee Department of El Paraíso" funded by the United States Department of Agriculture of America (USDA) through the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).

Currently the Café FACATOP product is distributed in grocery stores, small markets, and super markets in the municipalities of El Paraiso and San Pedro Sula; his son, Joaquin Antonio is responsible for distribution in the north of the country, with a wide range of presentations that can be purchased by any consumer. Additio- nally Joaquin has incorporated into its service offering roasted coffee from other producers of the town, gene- rating additional revenue for your business.

Unique Flavor!
Mr. Joaquín Ponce, is responsible for giving the flavor (a recipe), this refers to the overall impression of aroma, acidity and body coffee. It is the relationship between these three factors which makes Café FACATOP a pleasant and unique coffee from other coffees produced in the area, monitoring the quality from grain production.

Challenges ahead!
One of the main challenges of the company is to buy land to build a processing largest coffee, employ more people in the community and to export their coffee abroad, that's the vision that Mr. Joaquín Ponce with his business.