Quality Coffee

1 septiembre de 2014



                       COMICAOL Juana Marleni Montoya, Coffee Producer, Plan del Grande, El Paraiso, Honduras


When initiating the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), audit, inspection and training process through SAG-USDA-AGROBIOTEK-IICA project, many strong points regarding the hygienic handling of the visited producers’ plots. The company as such, in order to sell its coffee, has two types of certifications which are Rainforest and Fair Trade (FLO).Despite being a company with two certifications many weaknesses were found in the hygienic handling of coffee plots such as the lack of cleanliness of the bathrooms around the operation, garbage cans, written procedures, health safety plans, etc.

"This farm I've had it for like 15 years since I inherited from my father, since then with my husband and my son we have been doing maintenance. The company brought several auditors and from there we have improved a bit, like using only brooms for the processing, cleaning, and not using them for anything else. We have received audits on farm management but not asking for documentation of the activities we do here and also asking us to put up signs everywhere."

"With the audit AgroBioTek we realize that it is very important to write down things that occur in the plot because you never know when an accident can happen and we will not be able to ensure that our product is safe. Also identify with signs any hazards on the farm, garbage, the bathrooms, the rooms where the workers sleep must always be clean and most importantly train employees to not be such pigs."