Healthy Farms

1 septiembre de 2014

                               Saul Mejia

                            AHPERAMBUTAN, Saul Mejìa, Rambutan Producer, La Masica, Atlantida, Honduras.


When initiating the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) audit, inspection and training process through, SAG-USDA-AGROBIOTEK-IICA project many strong points regarding the hygienic handling of the visited producers’ plots. Being an export company, the export criteria has forced each producer to keep signage in and around each farm. They had no health safety plan but follow a GAP manual, product of the export self-audits. Hygiene was present on farms, with adequate bathrooms to be used, labeled dumpsters around the operation, and signs concerning the information of the property, type of crop, variety, owner, etc.

"We had previously gone through audits with EAP/Zamorano, SENASA and other institutions but they had not required us to guarantee the activities we carry out, in other words, documentation. I realize the importance of having a way to verify that my product, which his to be exported, has the proper documentation and that the activities I do in my farm are according to GAP."

"Good, because now the fruit buyer is guaranteed that all activities are performed according to what they require and that such activities are written in logs. Also when farms are inspected, they see that what they have recommended is being done, although it is difficult to be writing all this during the harvest. It can be done, but it is difficult."