Healthier Crops

1 septiembre de 2014

                                 Jseus Mendez

                        ECARAI, Jesús Mendez, Potato Producer Monquecagua, Intibucá, Honduras

“Before SAG-USDA-AGROBIOTEK-IICA project, we did not know the importance of having clean crops, free of trash. We produced in a filthy way; we left garbage in the fields; we used the cans to haul drinking water, the chemical cans; did our necessities in the fields outside and did not use protective equipment during the applications and polluted ourselves, the potatoes and also our family."

"I hope we will continue to receive support because we are learning, but I want to keep learning more and therefore be an excellent producer for others. Like I once told the engineer: loving someone is not only giving them a hug, but it applies to any aspect. For example: send people a clean, healthy product, so they will not get sick and keep buying from us because that is what we want and that is what I will continue doing."

"Because the more the technicians teach us to do things better, the better we do them, we no longer eat food without washing it or producing it in the best way. Because those that purchase our potatoes have a guarantee that the potato is healthy, with no chemical or disease that can cause harm."