Competitive Product

1 septiembre de 2014



                    COAGAVEL, Joel Molina, Plantains Producer, Valle Escondido, Santa Bárbara, Honduras.

"Before these trainings received though SAG-USDA-AGROBIOTEK-IICA project, we were irresponsible, we had not received any training or guidance on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), we had only been trained in issues of productivity but never about garbage collection, removing crop residues and gathering the chemical containers we throw in the fields; sometimes one is lazy and is not interested in crop hygiene, sometimes you can’t do it all, because like I said our culture is already like that."

"For us as a cooperative it’s the first time we’ve received training and guidance about GAP, now we realize the importance of food safety in our crops, for both those buying and for our families. Now we ask the workers to no longer do their business in the farms, we collect the bags that we take off the plantains after harvest and all that garbage is not left in the field. We also require the use of protective equipment, which is for the good of the employees, although some do and some don’t, but it is always required.”

"Because we need all the partners of the company to follow the GAP, now we always collect the trash, have more order and we advise each employee and partner to always collect the garbage before leaving. We also ask employees to bring their own mask and overalls, all the protective gear and a good rubber boot. We also disinfect the product with chlorine, as we’ve been taught how to chlorinate water to wash and we do that with the buyer and that way the product does not go contaminated to the final consumer."