Change of Tradition

1 septiembre de 2014


                                Reynaldo Godoy

                       PROVIASA, Reynaldo Godoy, Onion Producer Azacualpa, Francisco Morazán.

At the beginning the of the auditing and training process, through SAG-USDA-AGROBIOTEK-IICA project,  shortfalls were found in the hygienic handling of plots of the producers visited: missing signage around each farm, lack of safety plan, lack of a culture of hygiene on the farms, they did not possess suitable bathrooms for use even when those in their houses were used, there was no habit of washing hands, of depositing litter in its place, and of organizing the agrochemical, equipment and material storage facilities for crop production.

"The audit in, my opinion, has been excellent. You have been a great help, as we were screwed up. Now it looks quite different, we are overcoming all that, although there are still small details that skip my mind but you are here and remind me what me that I forget. I did not expect to remodel my plot to how it looks now."

"How nice to have a place to make the mixtures without getting it on your hands or body, to have an area to place personal items like cell phones, keys and not lose them, and also keep the plot free of garbage so it looks nice. Take the chickens out of the room where the baskets for harvesting were stored because the hens littered the place and I just threw water on the baskets. Now, with what you tell me, I took the baskets out of there and keep them washed and tidy and no animal touches them where they are."