High Altitude Beans

4 noviembre de 2013



COOMUSIL, María Santos Cabrera, Beans Producer, El Ciprés, Opatoro, La Paz, Honduras.


The beneficiaries of the Improvement of Food and Nutritional Security through Technological and Financial support of the Bean Supply Chain Project (SAG-USDA-IICA) were dependent on the coffee monoculture. During the 2012-2013 seasons, 98% of their farms were impacted by the Roya disease. Being holders of fertile land, water sources and especially human capital, they only needed training in an appropriate technology to improve the conditions of food and nutrition security and the economic situation of their families.

"In our community of El Cipres, Opatoro, La Paz, on small plots we have cultivated beans only for our own consumption. Now that we have benefited from the Bean Project with SAG-USDA-IICA funds, we have the need to store and wait to sell at the best price and pay the loan COOPMUSIL gave us. Before, the situation did not let us sell the beans at the best price, but now that silos and dryer have been provided to us, we can save beans for our food and those which are for sale."

" "Being benefitted my family and I, we feel safer and very happy to not plant only a small plot, but a 07 Hectares. This comes to change our lives because the revenue we will improve our standard of living, we will have more funds for the education and health of our children and with the technical assistance and training included in the project we plan to plant in stages. Now that we are getting irrigation system installed, we can produce market and also keep this staple grain for our consumption.".”