Food for Progress Program: Promoting Access to Business Information

4 diciembre de 2013

Vegetable production in Honduras is characterized by the fact that it is mostly in the hands of small producers, which are usually scattered in the different productive areas of the country and very distant from the wholesale markets where they sell their products. This gives them a significant disadvantage because it deprives them of access to market information which directly impacts their income, because they are not aware of the price trends of their products at the time of sale.

Under the SAG/USDA/IICA project implemented by the Foundation for Rural Enterprise Development (FUNDER), which has as one of its objectives improving access to information and marketing skills, we have developed and are currently implementing an Information Service, via mobile phone, called AGROCEL. This service aims to reduce that lack of information and contribute to improve the production, quality and cost-effective marketing of agricultural products as a contribution to boosting the development of the sector nationwide.

With this service the producer knows the current market price for the product of his interest, providing him with a reference point in negotiating the sale of his crop at competitive prices, given that many times producers, especially in remote areas, sell their products at prices below market value and even in some cases below cost. He also receives advice on different inputs, weather warnings tips for taking care of crops, information on trainings, fairs, etc.

Currently AGROCEL provides commercial information on 5 products: COFFEE, BASIC GRAINS, VEGETABLES, COCOA and RAMBUTAN.

To date, AGROCEL has had over 10,000 users who are very satisfied with the information and find it a useful tool.

"Thanks to AGROCEL now we are well informed, we get better prices and earn more than before because we negotiate with the middlemen."

-WilmerVidal/Producer/Lepaterique/HORTISA Company-